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The video game is now available for free !

(FR/GB) language,controller usable.

don't miss this bright and cheerful video game in these hard times !!!

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

You really really REALLY have to enjoy collectathons to truly appreciate this game. Clearly a lot of time and effort has gone into making this but I can tell it won't be for everyone especially those with little patience. 

hello default requisite,that's right,that is a video that was made with all our heart into it. it was originally oriented to be a massive "walk and collect" video game and complete this thing,while on the other hand,that's right,perhaps less people will be try to enjoy it,even if it have a free trial. This video game was made at the end of the previous company,galoxyum,and finally get into our hand,that was a tedious thing to bring back to life this project,and i think it is not all black,this is a cool arcade game with a little retro and labyrinth touch.

it asked a lot of time and effort,but we are pretty proud to this game and ourselves we play it when we have the time to do so.

i don't know about people with patience or not, that would be probably the case if we was able to bring the game where we wanted it to be,

but today,for an hard gamer,it is just about four hours of gameplay,this is not infinite.Players go through different colored place,and none is the same as the other.this is,finally,a game supported by only two people and we are everywhere,we tried to let the game be issue-less , and we achieve we work on an update, bringing one additional place,a "huge" one ^o^

free trial or not,we hope you have enjoyed the time played on Omega No Sunshine.

Please take a good care of you in these hard times.

we wish you a nice day.

Anon Hosuka,

Developer at c0sm0s.